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  • Webinar: Successful Models of Inter-Professional Oral Health and Primary Care Training Programs
    February 26, 2018,


    Anita Glicken, Executive Director was a webinar co-presenter for: Successful Models of Inter-Professional Oral Health and Primary Care Training Programs

    HRSA Workforce Grand Rounds Webinar Series (Click Here to go to Webinar Recording):

    Purpose: To highlight efforts to combat health disparities through the integration of primary care and oral health training.


    - Provide an overview of oral health disparities
    - Discuss training opportunities to broaden oral health and primary care integration
    - Discuss the importance of evidence informing oral health training integration

  • December 2, 2016,

    39 The Center for Health Workforce Studies (CHWS), funded through a cooperative agreement with the National Center for Health Workforce Analysis of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) conducted a follow-up study reporting on barriers and facilitators to oral health integration in physician assistant practice. Based on a survey of 2014 graduates, we learned that nearly 39% of those receiving oral health education had integrated it into practice. Among those providing oral health services over 80% received that education in their PA program. PAs receiving this education were 2.79 times more likely to integrate oral health into their clinical work.

    Langelier M, Surdu S, Gao J, Glicken A.  Determinants of oral health assessment and screening in physician assistant clinical practice. Oral Health Workforce Research Center, December 2016. 

  • Before You Say Ahhhh...Integrating Oral Health and Behavioral Health in Primary Care Settings
    September 8, 2016,

    The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAHMSA) within the Department of Health and Human Services, produced a webinar on the important role behavioral health care providers can play as a partner in oral health integration. This webinar attracted 1,000 registrants with over 700 attendees indicating strong interest in the potential to engage this new partner.   

    Behavioral health care providers are increasingly called upon to fill new roles on the primary care team. These roles often call for mastery of knowledge and skills related to a variety of complex health issues, including oral health. As an integral component of overall health, oral health can have a significant impact on a client’s emotional and physical well-being. Listen this webinar to learn how behavioral health workers in integrated care settings can engage clients who may have oral health concerns.

    Presenters: Renee W. Joskow, DDS, MPH, FAGD, FACD, Senior Dental Advisor, Health Resources and Services Administration; Anita D. Glicken, MSW, Program Consultant and Project Leader, national Interprofessional Initiative on Oral Health; Associate Dean and Professor Emerita, University of Colorado School of Medicinea

    Oral Health and Behavioral Health Integration
  • Washington Dental Service Foundation Video
    May 26, 2016,
    Washington Dental Service Foundations “The Mighty Mouth” video provides a brief (1:30 minute) video
  • Innovations in Oral Health Toolkit
    May 4, 2016,

    Oral Health Toolkit

    The Innovations in Oral Health Toolkit provides a comprehensive guide to building a sustainable program of interprofessional oral health education at an academic institution.

  • Oral Health: An Essential Component of Primary Care
    June 16, 2015,

    "Oral Health: An Essential Component of Primary Care" was published by Qualis Health with support from the National Interprofessional Initiative on Oral Health, DentaQuest Foundation, Washington Dental Service Foundation and the REACH Healthcare Foundation.

    Executive Summary
    White Paper
    Case Examples from Early Leaders

    Oral Health: An Essential Component of Primary Care Introductory Video
  • January 5, 2015,

    Presented by Tracy Garland at the CDA conference on IP Practice and Education, this presentation desribes how the work of the NIIOH serves to build oral health clinical competencies interprofessionally to ensure that oral health is part of whole-person care.

  • January 5, 2015,

    Selected bibliography of literature related to oral health, preventive procedures (fluoride varnishes), dental caries, oral/systemic diseases (diabetes), prenatal and perinatal oral health, cardiovascular disease and oral health, seniors and oral health, and oral health and other systemic connections. The document provides a good starting place for clinicians who wish to investigate the evidence base for the oral/systemic connection.

  • Women’s Health and Wellness Across the Lifespan by Ellen Olshansky
    January 4, 2015,

    Women’s Health and Wellness Across the Lifespan by Ellen Olshansky

    This book contains comprehensive, evidence-based content, crucial for promoting women’s wellness and preventative care. It also includes a chapter on oral health written by Julia Lange Kessler and Madeleine Lloyd regarding Oral Health for women.

  • Online Course Improves Oral Health Care Practices
    February 11, 2013,

    Identify and close oral health practice gaps by completing the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) online quality improvement course EQIPP: Oral Health in Primary Care. The course delivers everything you need to create, test, and implement policies and practices that help prevent early childhood caries—the most common chronic disease among children in the U.S.  The course may be taken by pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and allied health care professionals.  Course enrollment fees are subsidized by the AAP.  Learn more at